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The world has become a global village and coding is the big reason it has happened, with coding, you can write instructions for computers to follow through. This lets you make websites, software, applications and to do some other cool stuff So, we are partnering with schools and other stakeholdersto teach coding and advance coding (programming), run competitions among schools and reward great achievements.
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....... empowering schools with tools to go Online & Students to attain greater heights technologically

Who we are!

“All children, no matter where they live or whatever their circumstances, have the right to quality education”. UNICEF

The Challenge

COVID-19 devastated the education sector. Schools closure disrupted learning for more than 1.6 billion students around the world. According to UNESCO (January 2021) over 234 million children and youth remain affected by school closures in 33 countries, equaling more than 13% of enrolled learners worldwide. An estimated 11 million girls may never return to schooling

“In Nigeria, about 10.5 million children are not in school even though primary education is officially free and compulsory.”  UNICEF

In addition to the global effects of COVID-19 to the education sector, a number of Schools in some part of Nigeria have been shut-down due to incessant unrest and kidnappings, exacerbating pre-existing education inequality, especially disadvantaging girls.

The Solution:

To support government in achieving SDG 4, we developed an online School Management Application called “Jomidoo School Management Application- JOSMA

So for schools or students that stayed home for over six (6) months during COVID19 without studying, now have a platform to study for mastery in their chosen careers.

Schools using JOSMA can track their financial and other activities and maintain their calendar with flexible learning environment.

Students have the opportunity to learn different subjects from the arrays of teachers on JOSMA platform, in addition to learning coding, programming and entrepreneurship from a practical point to build more hopeful and prosperous futures for themselves, their families, communities, and countries.

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Teachers have a powerful role in helping students face an uncertain future, so Jomidoo schools Management Application allows teachers to instruct more students by rolling out their own digital content in exchange for their value

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